Global, Sovereign and Indigenous Unity Invitation

Blessings to you all our Global Brothers and Sisters,

Collectively mankind has had the role of caretaker for Mother Earth. Due to political, religious, monetary and the disinformation these particular sectors have fed to the general populace throughout our sojourn here, our roles in assisting her has been made difficult to say the least. We need now congregate, unify and with positive thought and action, initiate a harmonious and peaceful transformation from the old energies to a new Golden Age of physical, mental and spiritual harmony.

We, the human race, throughout our current journey, have connected with multitudes of ethnicities all holding a variety of differing philosophical, political and religious beliefs. Many of these people (approximately 144,000 of them) through birth and/or divine right have been given special items, skills, relics and knowledge, be it physical, mental or spiritual, that is to assist us during and beyond this transformation. This fact in no way lessens the value of the rest of us to each other, for each and every role we play in the unfolding events is just as important as another’s. The façade that has kept us separated from each other is lifting, giving us the freedom to now share that which we each hold or have learnt.

Now is the time to cast aside any attachments we may personally hold with our ego, hierarchical status and presumed hereditary right misnomers, that we may flourish and create a new dawning on the planet, that is by the people, with the people and most importantly, is truthful and honest without compromising the best interests of the people and other beings on the planet.

There are a multitude of tools and assets that were left by our ancestors who had the foresight of this pending shift in consciousness. These tools are primarily to assist the redevelopment of self which in turn re-developments our surroundings. In actuality, without we the people, all these tools pale to obscurity and become non-consequential as the value they each hold is that which has been given via our own thought patterns.

Brothers and Sisters of the Earth, we may be a small voice, but it is a voice that’s calling out and inviting you all to join in the re-creation of ourselves that we can truly care for each other and our Mother who nurtures us all.

Blessings, Love and Light

From We, Us, You and I

Aotearoha Kawanatanga

Peace, Love and Harmony to Us All

2 comments on “INVITATION TO US ALL

  1. blessings of love gratitude grace joy happiness please email me asp with form for meeting 10-13 april group from kimberley wa australia inloving kindness thankyou

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